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Mario A. Brückner is a professional keynote speaker specialized in innovation, agility and digital transformation. Mario works with organizations from large corporations to start-ups to help them identify their innovation immune system and unleash their own creativity.

unleash to win
Finding the best external experts to make your organization future proof? The key is to enable the own organization, the own employees. The real challenge is to change the decision rights. Hire keynote speaker Mario for your next business conference!
BECOME A game changER
Do you understand your market and do you have good ideas? Challenges are growing exponentially, but so are the opportunities. Change the rules of the game and win.
Inspiring People
One transformation after the other… Do your employees feel lost? Start embracing the change, not a transformation program. Change from your own people, with own ideas, generates impact. Inspire for more. Mario, Keynote speaker for digital transformation could help!

About Mario Keynote Speaker

Mario delivers keynotes in German & English at conferences, congresses, seminars and corporate events, internationally.
His vivid and competent way of presenting adds energy and movement to your event! Keynote speaker that could help standout your next business event.

What are inspiring topics?

What underpins all of Mario’s work is the understanding that being self-organized, cross-functional and purpose-driven is now the best way to be sustainably profitable as well as to achieve the most impact.
Keynote Speaker in German or English!
Agile Journey – Hard and harder, impossible
A hike also requires preparation. It looks the hardest from below.

Equipment, maps, good shoes, rainproof clothing ... and the will to succeed. The mindset makes the difference.

When you are at the top, you can see that it goes on - stories by an experienced mountain guide.
„Living Strategy“ – Agile Strategydesign
Is agile strategy work a contradiction? How can you give direction and still be flexible?

How can you efficiently incorporate all of your company's insights into your future vision?

How do I involve employees so that they understand, support and live the strategy?

Some practical answers.
Digital Mega-Trends 2025 – Speed Dating with your future
Experience & experience the digital megatrends 2025 - speed dating with the future:

Integrated digital & business systems, customer experiences in focus, AI and personalization, ...

You don't have to be a Google. A digital rider's travel book.
Agile Leadership – Leading in a world of speed, uncertainty & complicity
Welcome to the VUCA world - experts can no longer solve all problems for us. Decisions have to be made faster, under uncertainty.

Leaders will become the decisive factor for the future of the company.

What makes a leader in the agile & digital world? A job description.

Get in Touch!

Invite Mario as a conference speaker. Get him for an impulse keynote, an in-company workshop, a leadership Gathering.
In German or English!

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