Podcast about Agile Leadership, transformation and Empowering of people

About the Podcast SWITCH ON

Through experience and working with many leaders, I have realized that Leadership it’s learned and trained.

The SWITCH ON podcast explores the real practices and challenges of modern leadership to help make you a better leader. Listen to conversations with successful leaders and discover the insights, guidance, and trends for tomorrow’s success.

Podcast with Mario André Brückner about the Living Transformation and Agile Leadership

If enterprises are going to succeed in their digital transformations, they need to be able to shake up and challenge existing perceptions, mindsets within their organizations. In fact, not being able to challenge the status quo is one of the barriers to their success. Yet moving away from what we know, and how it has always been done, is a risky move – not all transformations succeed. 

Podcast Living Transformation

It was an honor to speak about new opportunities linked to Living transformations with Mario André Brueckner, Digital & Agile Transformation Expert, the founder of the Agilizer® network, New Work solutions speaker, and coach. Mario shared with us the key failures limiting the transformation success and provided many applicable ideas for business immunity and endurance.

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