8 reasons why being PURPOSE-DRIVEN in times of remote work is even more important

The 8 most important reasons why being PURPOSE-DRIVEN in times of remote work is even more important - Abstract

Some people call it “your why” others might say “the one word”, but however you want to call it at the end of the day your long-term success is determined by one important thing: PURPOSE. Especially, when you work remotely and have not achieved your financial goals yet, you need to ask yourself why you are working in a certain field and whether or not it fulfills your purpose. PURPOSE-DRIVEN actions are the most powerful and the most impactful ones. In the following blog, I will tell you how to find your purpose in working remotely and why it is so important to maintain a purpose-driven work mindset. Are you ready?

First of all, what is remote work?

Remote work is a working style in which employees do not need to travel to a traditional work location, such as an office, a store or a warehouse. It is the idea of working from home or a place of your choice. Remote work opened up the opportunity for many people to work for their own business or their employer while traveling to the most beautiful places in the world. For many people, the idea of the so-called home office seems too good to be true, while others have already taken the opportunity to turn their life around for the better.

But to succeed consistently and successfully you need the one thing: PURPOSE

Why is being PURPOSE-DRIVEN so important?

With so many people working remotely the competition grows more and more and gets better and better. Therefore, it is important to stand out as the best or one of the best out of all your competitors. The best way for you to do that is by fulfilling your purpose because it will be authentic and create trust.


Too many people are trying to earn money fast and therefore choose paths that only lead them to short-term earnings. Instead of creating a genuine relationship with customers, they try to manipulate, trick their clients and try to rip them off to make the biggest short term profit possible.

The consequences? Clients will realize very quickly when someone tries to rip them off, which makes them very unhappy and cut off any work connected to that company directly, which will not only lead to zero income but also potentially losing more money that has been gained. And it gets even worse: If you work only with the selfish intent to gain the most profit for yourself, knowing it will harm your customer’s satisfaction you will get a bad reputation for a lifetime.


That’s why it’s so important to always work for your clients, rather than working for your financial growth. This does not only make you a better human being but also will lead you to more financial growth then you can even imagine.



Purpose makes you happier

When someone is purpose-driven it feels like what they do is meant to be. With their work, they want to leave a mark in their life and create something that will innovate the well being of more than just themselves. When you do your remote work with a purpose-driven attitude you start having fun working. You get less exhausted and your work even gives you energy back. Work doesn’t feel like a burden anymore but more like a passion, which you choose to follow. After working purpose-driven for a whole day you will realize that you are so much happier, calmer and energetic. It almost feels bad to stop working, because hustling became your new passion. That’s why working with intent will lead you to true happiness.


Purpose makes you more trustworthy

Clients can feel it when their seller is purpose-driven because they get a good gut feeling when they get involved with them. There might be rational reasons that a competitor is better, more successful and less expensive, but for some reason, we still tend to choose the seller that gives us a good gut feeling. When there is a purpose it creates trust. People want to participate and support the seller because the purpose-driven attitude lifts them up in ways that people with better “numbers” just can’t keep up. Once you achieve that your clients believe that you are trustworthy, you have won.


Purpose makes you more successful

When you work purpose-driven you work much harder, specify and are passionate, which will naturally lead you to success. The climb that seemed too hard to manage now seems like a normal walk through the woods. It not only feels effortless, but it also gives you new energy!

Most successful people are successful because they work purpose-driven, and those who aren’t might be successful today but a deadbeat tomorrow, while the genuine ones will always be able to keep up.


Purpose makes you richer

When the clients are happy, the money will flow naturally. All the effort and passion you put into your work will be rewarded eventually, and you will see that on the numbers of your bank account. People that work purpose-driven attract people that are seeking genuine leaders. Clients will pay, clients will stay and your purpose-driven attitude will grow you rich.


Purpose will inspire others

When people sense someone is working passionately on something and is purpose-driven and motivated, they feel inspired to grow as well. People will be grateful for your inspiration and learn so much for you. They will admire your success and want to achieve similar things. What could be better than inspiring someone to grow as well? Working purpose-driven is so much more than a healthy work mindset, it is a game-changer as well for those you will inspire.


Purpose makes you grow

When you work with purpose your growth keeps increasing constantly and you keep thriving for the better. You achieve one goal after another, some easily others with a little more effort, but because you know why you are doing it and why you are putting in so much work you continue to grow. Being purpose-driven will not only grow your business but also create personal development, you will become a businessman or businesswoman that will seem unstoppable.


Purpose creates a better version / the best version of yourself

When you work purpose-driven and grow richer, smarter, happier and more successful you constantly challenge yourself with emotional and rational obstacles and you will have to learn to master them one by one. This will make you a better or even the best version of yourself because you are constantly striving for personal development and innovation.


Purpose gives your life a meaning

When humans find their place in life, the one thing they are meant to do, their purpose, they basically have everything they need. By being purpose-driven they have a reason to work on a certain project or in a certain place. If you feel like you have a reason to be somewhere, it gives your whole life a meaning and you feel like you’re doing the right thing. With that, you know that with doing whatever you’re doing right now, you’re making the world a better place and what could be better than that? You found your path in life, your journey. And thriving through that journey will give your life so much more value than anything else in life.

What if nothing has worked for me so far?

If nothing has worked for you so far, it means that you need to continue to try things out. Experiment and gain experiences in all sorts of fields. Read books, go to workshops, find a mentor and practice different passions. Sometimes you need to dig a little deeper to find the one thing that fulfills you but believe me once you find it, you never want to go back to a mediocre lifestyle. You want to become a better version of yourself. You want to grow. You want to have a purpose. Like we all do.


So go and face it right now!


Believe me, I have been there too, so I can understand too well how you must be feeling. In my speeches, I always try to inspire people to become more purpose-driven and why, if you feel like you need more leading, feel free to join my speeches and let’s meet in person!

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